We are volunteers, religious and lay people pursuing the passion of evangelizing in the Digital Era. Our site is geared to provide ebooks, audiobooks, music, and resources focusing on what really matters: spirituality and content.  Accessible anywhere, anytime, on your portable device of choice. Without costly printing houses. Paperless. Without plastic and Record labels. New Insights Multimedia is geared to touch everyone: millennials, cradle Catholics,  and common people like you who live on smartphones and Tablets, and who share the same concern: finding out more about their faith.  

As the world turns every day more crazy and ugly, we wish to share Truth, Harmony, and Beauty with you. Directly to your heart. From our spiritual family to yours. Behind these pages are real people based in Toronto, Canada. We want to hear your feedback! One last thing: procedures are redirected to fund Evangelization projects serving the poor in the third world. Your purchase will bring a smile and a prayer somewhere in Africa and South America. 


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