St Teresa of Avila: The Carmel in Gregorian Chant

Songs and hymns in the Carmelite Tradition

“Let nothing disturb thee;
 Let nothing dismay thee:
 All thing pass;
 God never changes.
 Patience attains
 All that it strives for.
 He who has God
 Finds he lacks nothing:
 God alone suffices.”

-St Teresa of Avila

Go back in time to the early convents founded by St Teresa of Avila in XVI Century Spain. This is a compilation of sacred hymns in the Carmelite tradition, gathering lost treasures of gregorian Chant. Bring the peace and solitude of the cloister, wherever you go.  

Format: mp3 - 32 Tracks - Available only for direct download.

Heralds of the Gospel Choir and Orchestra - Msgr. João S. Cla, EP -Conductor

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